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Social Media Listening Center

Unleash the power of social media

We've invested in social media listening software and expertise so you don't have to. The Social Media Listening Center (SMLC) provides social media consulting, research, and subscription-based social media and news monitoring for businesses and organizations of all sizes. For detailed information on the services we provide, read our Social Media Listening Center brochure (PDF).

Create a social media presence that works for you

There are more social media platforms than anyone can keep up with. Which ones are best for your company or organization? We can help find where your audience is spending time online. From Facebook to Pinterest to Reddit, the Social Media Listening Center can find where your relevant conversations are taking place so you can spend your time talking to the people who matter most immediately.

Researching a few hundred billion conversations doesn't have to be difficult

Utilizing powerful algorithms and AI we can sort through conversations to surface key insights into your brand, industry, or product. We can identify potential trends, find conversations about your business, and even do competitor analysis. We can use this research to inform start-ups, established brands, marketing departments and marketing agencies.

Inform key business decisions

By listening to customers you can improve product development, media buying, crisis communications and more while saving time and money.

Monitor social media and news media 24/7 for critical alerts

The SMLC can monitor social media platforms, blogs, news sites and other websites for mentions of your product, business, organization, industry, or personnel in near real-time around the clock. We specialize in alerting our clients to customer service issues, reputation management issues, and threats to personnel or facilities. Our clients include colleges and school districts that need to maximize their limited budgets and be as responsive as large corporations in a constantly changing social media landscape. 

The manager of the Social Media Listening Center shows some of the dashboards used in social media monitoring to a client.